About Us

We are a Jordanian regional distribution company working in Jordan, Egypt, Libya, Sudan, Iraq, Saudi, and working to increase our distribution region within coming 2019 – 2020, we have very long experience in FMCG ; and since 2000 we are working in our region.


We are group of companies under ZAD name, working in six countries, company (ZAD) now is managing and responsible for the commercial, logistics and distributing part of the group.


We have under ( Zad )  5 Categories in different fields:



  • Medical Supplies

- Education Development

-  IT.

- Real Estate.

- Management consultation and Business development

Our branded products we distributes:

 - Dulciar ( Chocolate )

- ValleDelGrano ( Pasta )

- Cavaliere ( Coffee )

About us

Our main trading Company was Established Since 1993, mainly to establish a unique distribution market trends and marketing a portfolio of FMCG products. From a modest but disciplined start we have course ahead on an enriching rate and have printed our image on the regional market as a leader in our field. Our honest ethics and reliable working objectives situate us in front of all of our competitors.

We believe in our professional team which includes our sales and marketing rout and our added value to our clients that we really work to have it all provided to our client. At same time we look into our high quality of services.

We fully believes that : when we place our objectives we know with our hard working and trust of our clients we can bring all the success to our operations and to our clients despite all challenges might be in our way.

Our Vision

Reaching and fulfilling our customers’ needs

Our Mission

We will work to develop new approach in serving and reaching our clients; taking into consideration all necessities and ethics towards our clients and markets